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A Call to Men’s Man Box training is designed to give the learner an understanding of the collective socialization of manhood – what A Call to Men has coined as the Man Box – and the role it plays in laying the foundation for many forms of gender-based violence and discrimination to persist. It articulates how the Man Box perpetuates sexism and inequality, and how embracing and promoting a healthy, respectful manhood can prevent sexual harassment, sexual assault, discrimination, and other social ills. 


A Call to Men’s Live Respect Teacher Certification is a free 90-minute training for educators, coaches, mentors, and youth advocates to become certified as Live Respect instructors. Data shows that A Call to Men’s Live Respect Coaching Healthy, Respectful Manhood Curriculum significantly increases young people’s understanding of — and commitment to — gender equity and violence prevention. The curriculum was written in partnership with Scholastic. A Call to Men provides an overview of its signature analysis and guides participants through each lesson in this virtual training.